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We are Georgia State University's LEAD Team, a group of undergraduate student leaders at Georgia State University. As ambassadors for leadership, our mission is to provide leadership opportunities for the student body as well as student organizations. The LEAD Team assists with the annual Leadership Conclave and ongoing leadership workshops. LEAD Team members also serve as mentors to student organizations, campus offices, and the Emerging Leaders classes.
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There are no limits…only plateaus #leadership #management

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Tuesday morning in the city. #fog #atlstory #atlantacollective #Atlanta #building #iPhone5photography (at Boys & Girls Club of America)


Good tip to keep in mind. #MakingMagic #leadership


The old radio towers at the Biltmore. #biltmore #atlanta #midtownatl (at Biltmore Offices)

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I recently read an article

‘Advice for Graduates from Billionaires’ and I was quite sceptical from the title but i must admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

These people have worked so hard (and maybe had few lucky charms) to get where they are and they deserve their success (especially J.K. Rowling,   I started reading her books 16 years ago and still do now!). What I found interesting was not only how helpful the advice was but how honest and relatable it was


Put yourself out there!‘In your 20’s I encourage you to travel and explore the world. Get to know and respect the citizens of this planet. Have some adventure and learn about yourself and discover true passions. And then I hope you bring it all back.’’

Prepare yourself and be ready for failure and rejection ‘Failure can be the foundation of success.’

Learning continues after University

Any job is a good job.

Take some time off!

So have a read and you never know, if you follow there advice, you may have an article about your success story!


Ansley Park Home, Atlanta. Architects Brian Bell and David Yocum.

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The aforementioned nice view.

The girls at Andover and elsewhere are socialized to be likeable, to please others, to not tout their own successes and to speak softly like proper girls. As a result, they face powerful psychological barriers to attaining leadership roles.